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                                       TIMES ARE CHANGING, DON'T GET LEFT BEHIND…

We are a Telecommunication & Technology Brokerage Consulting Company. 


Our company has been operating for 23 years & we work directly with the carriers to bring the best and most cost effective services to business owners. 


We have multiple providers because we have developed multiple relationships over the years throughout the nation.


Technology is constantly changing so we like to educate you,  the business owner, so you understand how to protect your network,  benefit and SAVE MONEY.

Our motto is “we work for you”

When we have an opportunity for services, we ask questions to determine what type of services you are looking for and how soon you need services installed.  

We also ask  if there is a contract in place with your current providers.

Technology is undergoing significant changes! 

Consider these factors for a successful transition to modern, IP-based solutions.

POTS lines (Plain Old Telephone Lines) will be obsolete.

What does this mean to you?  

Carriers are not required to maintain copper lines so they are raising their costs and will no longer support the service and your phone bill will increase substantially.  


Because POTS will no longer be cost effective for carriers to maintain.  

The carriers will pass on the high costs on to the customer.  



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