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                                          OUR STORY

Global Communications is a female-owned company that was started in 2000. 

Prior to starting the company, I was a Senior Account Representative for Qwest Communications. During the ten years I worked for them, I went through 4 acquisitions. Month after month, I was the top salesperson in my office. 

One day my husband said to me “you need to go out on your own.” Being a woman, most of my peers were male. I formed my own company and became incorporated in 2001. As a broker,  I attend seminars and trade shows, and can continue to learn as much as I can about the various carriers I represent. I am able to bring value to the end-user because I am not  just tied to one carrier. I am able to have allegiance to the customer, not the carrier.  


Not for one moment have I ever regretted going out on my own.


Judy Magana 

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